As we are getting ready for our new school year, we are in the process of redefining and preparing for our student leadership team.

Old Leadership Teams
1. Middle School Leaders
2. High School Leaders
3. Apprentices
4. Architects

As we watched and worked with these teams over the last year, we struggled to see the role of Apprentices and felt like leadership did not become the desired outcome.As we are looking forward to the new school year, we have a desire for leadership to take the role that a pastor has (shepherding and servanthood).

New Leadership Teams (Grades going into)
1. Middle School Leaders (7-8th grade)
2. High School Leaders (9-12th grade)
3. High School Student Pastors (10th-12th)

To sign up and for more information about the new leadership, please click on the link.  Deadline to register is July 30th.

Student Leadership Form