Hey everyone,

We have been working on updating our website over the last few months.  And here it finally is.  There are a few things we wanted to do with our website:

  1. Be attractive to anyone who comes to our website.  It was outdated and not exciting to be at.  Since we have an awesome youth ministry, we wanted our website to reflect who we are.
  2. A place for people to sign up.  We have struggled to get people to sign up using technology.  We want this to be the number one source for people to do so.
  3. Wanted better communication between parents and us.  It was difficult with the old layout.  Now we can use this as an opportunity for those to see and hear what is going on at all times with Oneighty.

This is really exciting and gives our online presence a major facelift.  I hope you like it and will refer your friends and students to check us out at Oneighty!