Hey everyone,

How exciting is it that Serve is coming up?  Since it will be my first time, I can’t wait to see what it looks like and how much of a difference we are going to make in our community.  There is nothing greater in worshipping God by serving those He created!  So, how can you be involved?  Great question!  Let’s go through the information!


June 19-23

Children & Students from 3 years to 12th Grade.  Due to limited space, students must regularly attend Union Chapel or Oneighty.

$25 Wee SERVE (3-5-year-olds)
$25 Jr. SERVE (K-1st Grade)
$80 Children’s SERVE (2nd-5th Grade)
$110 Youth SERVE (6th-12th Grade)
$220 Family limit

Application with payment due May 7.  This is a firm deadline.  Please make sure you don’t miss it.  Payment MUST be submitted with the application.

(Note: A limited number of applications will be accepted.  If your application is received after that limit is reached, you will be put on a waitlist.)

A full refund will be given if the application is not accepted.  If accepted, refunds will be given as follows:
75% refund if cancellation is received by May 14
50% refund if cancellation is received by May 21
No refunds will be given after May 28

I hope you are excited and ready to make a difference in people’s lives, your life, and those you will be with all week!  Get signed up!