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If you’re like any other parent, you’ve repeatedly asked your son or daughter what they are learning in school, only to get the famous adolescent reply, “I dunno…” followed by the awkward teenage stare. After getting the same reply over and over, you may begin to lose hope in even asking. But the truth is, we both know that they need your support as they journey through life’s challenges! And that’s why you keep asking, isn’t it? And that’s probably why you’re looking at this website.

The last 10 years of working with students has taught me a few things about Youth Ministry that are best described with the color ORANGE.

Here are two basic ideas that describe where I’m coming from.

1.  Your kids need YOU. 

Despite their resistance, they need you and you have an important role to play in their spiritual development!  From family prayers before dinner, to asking what they are learning at Oneighty and what God is doing in their life, THEY NEED YOU! We use the color YELLOW to represent the role of parents developing their child’s spirituality.

2.  Your kids need the CHURCH.

The purpose of Oneighty is simple: We want to connect youth to God and to each other by taking truths from the Bible and applying them to life. We believe the influence of the church in the lives of this generation is vital!  That’s why our Oneighty Staff work hard to make every Sunday a time where students will want to show up, have fun, and learn about God in a way that relates to them and is easy to understand. We use the color RED to represent the role of the church in developing the spirituality of teenagers.

So, where does ORANGE come from?


Ultimately, the family and the church are two unique and powerful forces that when combined have the potential to create youth who own their faith and develop their spiritual identity. Make sure to CLICK THE ORANGE BOX TO RECEIVE OUR PARENT EMAILS  so we can work together and be in communication with one another!

We’re with you in the journey!

Nate Hultz Oneighty Pastor

Union Chapel Ministries